Building Process

Introductory Meeting – A face to face appointment where we discuss your property, plans, and general ideas for the finish out of your home.

Budget Review – Together we solidify a budget that best equips you for completing your dream home.

Pre-Construction Meeting – We meet to review your lot, plans, and selections one last time before construction begins. This is to ensure all questions are answered and we are ready to begin the building of your custom home.

Construction Period – Throughout the build, Ross will meet with you to make decisions and selections for your home. You will also meet with trades on site and vendors at their showrooms to personally choose the finish out of your desire.

Construction Completion – As the completion of your home approaches, you will be able to walk your home with Ross several times. These walks ensure that the quality of your home is being delivered to you as you prepare to move in.

Closing – Final paperwork is signed off and you will receive the keys to your beautiful Custom home

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